¿Cuál es mejor Poco X3 Pro vs Poco F3?

Poco f3 pro

Recordamos que la segunda fase de ventas del Poco F3 comenzará a las 10:00 a.m. MSC el 6 de abril. El modelo está disponible para ser pedido y está en stock con los vendedores en Aliexpress. La primera fase vendió más de 30.000 unidades en la primera hora, así que no bostece. Enlaces de pedido de POCO F3 5G: tienda oficial en Aliexpress. Atención, hay un código promocional de 50 dólares de descuento: POCO50.

Casi todos los críticos, incluso los que recibieron la revisión promocional, señalan a regañadientes que cuando se ejecutan juegos durante unos minutos, el brillo de la pantalla del amo disminuye significativamente debido al sobrecalentamiento del teléfono. Así que el teléfono planea ganar notoriedad.

No me refiero tanto a OTG como a copiar datos desde y hacia el teléfono desde un PC. GSMARENA escribe que el antiguo estándar allí es el USB 2.0, a pesar de que el puerto ya es de tamaño C. Pues bien, intenta transferir al menos unos 20 GB de archivos pequeños y grandes a través del USB 2.0.

Poco x3 pro vs poco f3 5g

Poco X3 Pro and Poco F3 smartphones were introduced at the same time, and because of the similar name, many may think that the gadgets are the same in characteristics. However, this is not the case. In this article, we will outline the main differences between the devices and determine the best of them.

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Poco X3 Pro and Poco F3 have a fundamentally different case design. If the first looks like a copy of the Poco X3, the second looks more like the Xiaomi Mi 11. Poco X3 Pro has a plastic back panel and frame. It has a separate slot for a microSD card up to 512GB. The device comes in blue, black and gold colors. A 3.5mm Audio port is present.

The Poco F3 has a more compact size compared to its competitor. Its back panel is made of glass, while the frames are made of metal. The smartphone is offered in white, blue and black colors. It comes with an adapter from USB Type-C to 3.5 mm input, as the gadget itself did not get an audio jack.

The devices are equipped with IP53 water resistance and a lateral fingerprint scanner. Both involve the use of two SIM cards. They use a 6.67-inch display with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels and a frame rate of 120 Hz.

Poco x3 pro vs poco x3

Of course, a stand-alone company is not capable of such a powerful variety of developments. Behind the independent and independent Poco stands the giant Xiaomi and the mighty Redmi sub-brand – with teams of developers, engineers, designers. So the Poco brand has almost unlimited possibilities in terms of the use of technology, patents and the latest developments.

Let’s take a look at the most impressive novelties of the mid-market segment, which are already being fiercely hunted among users. These are the latest Poco M3 Pro at a promotional price of $170 and the Poco X3 Pro at an average of $220.

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Externally, the smartphones are impossible to confuse. The Poco X3 Pro is one of the latest representatives of the «spider’s eye,» an accumulation of cameras abundantly placed inside a circle on the back of the case. The cameras’ convex platform is shaped like a truncated circle and placed in a circle painted on the case. The convexity is levelled with the complete case, the phone does not lose stability, the camera unit does not overbalance.

Poco M3 Pro – a striking representative of the new classics with three neat lenses, lined up in a line in the corner of the body on a compact platform. The Poco M3 Pro’s main camera lens has 48MP resolution, the second lens is a macro camera, and the third is a depth-of-frame camera, an architectural sensor.

Poco x3 pro vs poco f3 gt which is better

80% POCO F3 review: The real successor to POCO F1 is heerSource: Android Central EN→RUThe POCO F3 delivers top-notch hardware along with a sublime 120Hz AMOLED display, reliable cameras, and all-day battery life with fast charging. The phone misses out in a few areas, but for what you’re ultimately paying here, you are getting a great value. Classic review, online, long, Date: 26/04/2021Rating: Total: 80% unboxing of the Poco F3, My Poco X3 ReplacementSource: Ricks Tech In this video im unboxing my new Poco F3. … i think i cracked my extra purchase of the tempered glass… I will be unlocking the bootloader and installing Xiaomi .EU rom on here in the future. Quick Review, Online, Medium, Date: 23/04/2021

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GPUs in this performance category can handle many games, if you do not chase the maximum resolution and picture quality. Relatively moderate power consumption of such GPUs will provide increased battery life.

¿Cuál es mejor Poco X3 Pro vs Poco F3?
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