Best android emulator windows 10


Implements features such as support for cameras and other sensors, multi touch inputs, integration with Gamepads, mouse and keyboard, etc. Everything you need to offer excellent compatibility with your hardware.

VirtualBox is a free software that is able to implement virtual machines on an operating system, either Windows 10 or later versions. In addition to the typical options of installing operating systems such as Windows or Mac, there is also the possibility of creating Android virtual machines.

Thanks to VirtualBox we will be able to have Android for Windows 10 and install our favorite applications and games as if we were on our Smartphone. We must take into account the typical limitations of being on a PC: GPS sensors, accelerometers, etc.

The system control will be carried out by mouse and also keyboard, as it is possible to customize keyboard shortcuts for different functions. It is also compatible with GamePads to play games.

Best android emulator for pc 2020

WindowsAndroid is an Android emulator for Windows, which will allow us to run a virtual machine with the Android operating system from which we can carry out any activity that we could normally do on a cell phone with this operating system.

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Using the program, unlike many other similar applications, is very simple. We will only have to install the executable and, with no need of configurations, start using WindowsAndroid. The mouse cursor will act as a fingertip, so that, for example, to unlock the terminal we will only have to click on the padlock and drag it to the right of the screen.

Once inside the interface of the ‘virtual phone’, we can access the usual options of a device of these characteristics, and configure some of its features, such as the time and date of the ‘terminal’.

WindowsAndroid is one of the best tools to emulate Android currently available. Not only does it work well and allows you to download any application of this operating system to use it on Windows, but it also gives you the possibility to do it in a simple and fast way. No complex configurations or BIOS installation. Just double click on the executable and we will be inside.


MEmu is the perfect tool to be able to play the best and most modern Android games on your PC. This free emulator offers very good performance and is compatible with almost all Windows devices.

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You will be able to play any video game with keyboard and mouse, or even with an Xbox 360 controller or other external gamepad. And although this emulator was developed especially for video games, you can also emulate other types of applications such as WhatsApp and chat more comfortably using the keyboard.

Best android emulator for pc 2021

An emulator simulates the original hardware, but replacing its functions with software. So if the emulator is well developed and emulates 100% the original machine, it can run all the games and applications of that machine.Android emulators for PC allow you to use Android apps and games on your computer. If you have a monitor or laptop with a touch screen you can easily simulate the mobile screen. If not, the finger is replaced by the mouse.

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They will be installed from the Windows Store and will work like any other system app. That is to say, you can move the window, dock it, use keyboard shortcuts, copy and paste from the clipboard, etc.Surely it becomes the best way to use Android apps on PC.Descarga and Windows 11BlueStacks 5

Best android emulator windows 10
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